One of my favorite places for unique pieces for the home is Second Sale Consignment.  It is located near the bridge in Great Bridge at 130 Battlefield Blvd South.  Second Sale Consignment considers their store as “breathing new life into old pieces.”  They offer one of a kind pieces at affordable prices.  Last year I bought a vintage Hoosier cabinet from them to use as a breakfast bar.  You can purchase pieces that are in beautiful shape that need no work or you might see a piece that has potential.  Second Sale Consignment works with their neighbors Lady Antiquity Estate Sales and the Wise Owl Resale Shop located in the same shopping center.  Fresh Vintage Painted Furniture often buys  pieces from Second Sale Consignment and turns them into beautiful, custom pieces.  You can see examples on their blog All of these shops post updated pictures on their Facebook pages as well.


Located across Battlefield Blvd. is 3 Little Black Birds.  It features some of the pieces from Fresh Vintage Painted Furniture and other unique pieces.  Another consignment store in Chesapeake located at the intersection of Greenbrier and Kempsville Rd. is The Red Chair.  This store also has one of a kind pieces.  My friend recently bought a beautiful glass-topped coffee table from them.  When looking to furnish your new home, consider these local shops.  They are also great if you are looking to sell some pieces to free up room for new.  Contact them directly for more information on selling your pieces.