A few simple steps can make a difference in protecting your home.  With the weather being warmer and homeowners out doing yard work, now is a good time to do a thorough perimeter check of your house.


Make sure your house numbers are easily seen from the road by first responders.

When you are out doing yard work, be sure your shrubs are trimmed back around windows and doorways.  Remove any limbs that cause shadowed areas on your pathways.

Make sure all your doors are locked and you have secure deadbolts on all doors leading to the outside.

Keep your curtains and blinds closed at night and when you are not home.

If you will be going on vacation, place a hold on mail and newspapers.  Ask a neighbor to check for packages that may be delivered in your absence.

Install motion sensor lights and program them to turn on when people approach the house.

According to the Virginia Beach Crime Prevention Unit, don’t leave empty boxes from high-dollar  items such as TVs and computers along the street on trash day.  That is advertising you have expensive items in your house.  Instead, cut up the boxes and put them in your recycling can.

A barking dog can scare off thieves and alert you.  Any size dog can work as an alert.

Virginia Beach Police Crime Prevention Unit also recommend you copy all the serial numbers from items of value and take pictures – this includes any valuables you keep in the shed or garage.  You can store the information on your computer, but keep a hard copy in case your computer is stolen.


Remember to speak to your children about safety and security.


Source:  Virginia Beach Police Department, Crime Prevention Unit http://www.vbgov.com/government/departments/police/opsdiv/Pages/prog-safety.aspx