Kumi Verdier

Kumi Verdier Realtor


Light Box Realty

After decades in B2C sales, Kumi possesses palpable enthusiasm and a wealth of sales experience. As a trusted real estate advisor for her clients, Kumi understands that selling and or buying a property is complex.  There is also a lot at stake financially! This perspective on the process and the responsibility she feels towards her clients drives Kumi to be a real estate expert.  She understands the market, the players, and all the variables involved in a real estate transaction.

"I want to make sure clients feel supported and that they have a trusted advisor by their side."

~Kumi Verdier

As a seller, you want to effectively market the property and then negotiate to secure the highest possible price and cleanest terms for the sale.  As a buyer, you want a patient yet assertive partner to help you buy the right property at the best possible price without leaving money on the table.  This is where Kumi and her team step in to partner with you as your consultant, negotiator, and project manager.