As much as we enjoy summer in this area, the cooler nights mean we need to think about fall for the yard.   Hampton Roads is classified zone 7B which means we enjoy a longer growing season here.  Many people plant mums and pansies  now to add color to their yard.  There are other plants to consider for your fall yard : Aster, Goldenrod, Russian Sage, Perennial Sunflower, Colchium, Helenium and Fall Crocus. 



Another way to improve the look of your yard and protect your plants from colder to weather to come is to apply mulch.  Mulch also reduces weeds and keep the mositure in the ground near your plants.  You should maintain a three inch layer of mulch year round.


Be sure to deadhead your flowers to reduce the chance of a mold or fungus growing.  You don’t want to discard them in the yard.  This can also encourage fungal growth.  Instead, toss them in the trash or compost.  if the plant is diseased, be sure to place the diseased part in a plastic bag in your trash.  This will reduce the chance of it spreading to other plans.


If you need a little extra help with your selections, McDonald Garden Center is offering a Flowerbed Design Class this Saturday, September 13.  Go to for more information or to register.


Source:  McDonald Garden Center