If you are considering buying a house with or pool or installing a pool to your existing home, there are several things to consider.  First, there are the operating costs.  Purchasing the chemicals to maintain it yourself is an expense or you can choose to hire a company to maintain it for you.  Running the pumps, lights or heater will add to your monthly utility bill.  Periodically, a pump might break or the liner might tear.  New liners can run $10,000.  You also must maintain the pool deck (normally concrete).  If you are installing a pool, you also must consider the cost of the fence if there is not already a fence.


Some people think a pool will add to the resale value of a home.  Are you willing to pay an extra $40,000 for a house because it has a pool?  Most likely not.  Rarely, do people see a return of their investment.  Some people install pools when their children are young but no longer want the expense or maintenance once the kids are out of the house.  Others may not want to buy a house with a pool because they have very young children.  You may find a few families who will jump at the chance to own a home with a pool.  Another option is to buy in a neighborhood with a community pool.


Either way, make an educated choice when considering a house with a pool.


Source:  Wall Street Journal www.wsj.com