Today is Halloween and while some people may love the holiday, other people don’t enjoy everything this holiday brings.  Mostly, it brings too much candy!  I love some candy; especially very good quality dark chocolate.  However, I don’t like having bags of candy sitting in the house prior to Halloween or the tons of leftover candy after the kids are finished trick or treating.  Let’s be honest – there is some nasty candy handed out at Halloween.

There are several ways to deal with the leftover candy.  You might be able to pull off the Switch Witch if you have really young kids.  The Switch Witch comes to your house after Halloween.  You leave out a large bowl/bag of candy and the Switch Witch brings you a toy or gift.  Voila!  No more weeks of candy issues or bargaining for “just one more piece.”  Some people are simply telling their kids about “the switch” while others are turning it into an Elf on a Shelf adventure.  Go to Yahoo for more information.

 If you have older children, the Switch Witch may not work.  You may have to resort to your own “Buy Back” program.  I have several friends who are offering their older elementary school children $15-$20 to buy their Halloween candy.  If you’re not sure what to do after you have “bought it” from your kids, you might be interested in the next option.

 Another great way to address the candy overload is several area dentists are participating in Operation Gratitude – A Halloween Candy Buy Back Program.  Children (and parents too) can take Halloween Candy to participating dentist offices and exchange it for items like cash, coupons, toothbrushes, etc..  Operation Gratitude collects the candy and sends it to military troops deployed in harms way. Operation Gratitude accepts candy from anyone, not just dentists. They are working with schools, businesses, gyms, religious and civic groups, and individuals who collect candy and then ship it to them.

 Click HERE to find out more about the Halloween Buy-Back Program, find a participating dentist office, or HERE to learn more about Operation Gratitude.

 According to the Halloween Candy Buy Back Program website the following dentists are participating locally and have registered with them for 2014:




Dailey Orthodontics 2118 Executive Dr Hampton, VA, 23666

Kool Smiles 2165 Cunningham Dr. Hampton, VA, 23666

Newport News


John J Denison, DDS, PC 895 Middle Ground Blvd Newport News, VA, 23606



Kool Smiles 5900 E. Virginia Beach Blvd. Norfolk, VA, 23502

Kool Smiles 2338 East Little Creek Rd. Norfolk, VA, 23518



Kool Smiles 4072 Victory Blvd. Portsmouth, VA, 23701

Weis Pediatric Dentisty 5915 High Street West Portsmouth, VA, 23703

Virginia Beach


Bay Colony Dentistry Pinewood Square, Suite 506, 32nd Street & HollyRoad Virginia Beach, VA, 23451

Body Logic Massage and Chiropractic 2004 Sandbridge Rd #103 Virginia Beach, VA, 23456

Kool Smiles 4239 Holland Rd. VA Beach, VA, 23452

Partners in Dental Health 317 Edwin Drive Virginia Beach, VA, 23462

The Smile Center 200 Grayson Road Virginia Beach, VA, 23454

Source:  A Frugal Chick