If want to add a pet to your family, the area animal rescues are a great place to start.  Just about every city has a SPCA.  Most cities also have animal control or animal management for strays or owner surrenders.  There are also privately run shelters and rescues in the area.  Some of them have an actual location where you can visit the animals.  Others have animals housed exclusively with fosters.  You can check sites like Petfinder.com for pets online.  If you are on Facebook, many of the rescues and shelters keep their Facebook sites more up to date with available animals.  Be sure to read the requirements for each rescue or shelter.  Some require home visits and some require fenced yards for dogs.  Others just require a completed application. Below I have listed some of my favorite rescues where I have rescued a pet or have friends that have.  Check them out if you are looking to add a pet to your family. 


Hope For Life.  Located in Virginia Beach, Hope for Life has both dogs and cats.  You can take the pet on a home visit to see if it is a good fit.  Their web site is www.hopeforliferescue.com.

Virginia Beach SPCA.    They also offer reasonably priced medical services.  www.vbspca.com

 Norfolk SPCA.  The Norfolk SPCA is a no-kill shelter.  www.norfolkspca.com

K9 Justice League.  This is a foster based rescue.  The animals are in homes until they are adopted.  www.k9justiceleague.org

Beagles to the Rescue.  They are located in Chesapeake.  If you are looking for a beagle or a beagle mix, visit their site.  www.beaglestotherescue.com