Fourth of July took on a new meaning for me this year after a recent trip to Boston.  While there, we took a guided tour of the Freedom Trail.  On this historic trail through Boston, we learned more about the brave people who shaped our nation.  It was interesting to experience these historic sites and learn more about these people than what you can read in a history book.  


This part of Virginia is blessed with history.  It is home to the Historic Triangle comprised of Yorktown, Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg.  We are very fortunate to be in  such close proximity to these historic sites.  Jamestown is the first  permanent English colony founded in 1607.  The Yorktown Victory Center tells the story of  how the American and French forces won the decisive battle of the American Revolution in 1781,  It also chronicles the entire Revolutionary period, from colonial unrest to the formation of the new nation.   Colonial Williamsburg allows you to experience Colonial life.  If you have not visited all of them, go to for more information.  If it has been some time, go again and go often.


Visiting Concord, Massachusetts where the “shots heard around the world” were first fired and walking the Freedom Trail gave me another perspective on how our nation was shaped.  As we celebrate our Independence Day this Fourth of July, we need to remember all of the incredibly brave people who formed this nation and gave us our independence as we are incredibly grateful for all of those who continue to preserve it.