I did a little crowd sourcing for this blog and asked my Virginia Beach friends what their favorites restaurants are.  I have my own favorites.  Here is our combined list of favorite Virginia Beach restaurants.


Lubos Wine Tasting Room -   cozy and casual  www.lubowines.com  1658 Pleasure House Rd.

Citrus -  for breakfast and lunch  www.citrusvb.com 2265 West Great Neck Rd.

El Taco Loco at Hilltop - My friend Maria especially loves the grilled avocado. www.eltacolocova.com  3333 Virginia Beach Blvd.

Waterman’s Surfside Grille at the oceanfront has great views www.watermans.com415 Atlantic Ave.

Flip Flops VB Grill in Red Mill.  My friend Cindy says, “Yummy food and great beachy atmosphere.”  www.flipflopsvb.com 2217 Upton Dr.

Zia Marie at Chic’s Beach.   Great Italian food. www.zia-marie.com 4497 Lookout Road

Surf Rider at Cypress Point.  Delicious crab cakes and casual atmosphere. www.surfriderrestaurant.com  928 Diamond Springs Rd.

Scotty Quixx.  Awesome food – especially the fish tacos. www.scottyquixxsportsbarnadgrill.com 2404 Virginia Beach Blvd. (near Great Neck Rd.)

Steinhilber’s Thalia Acres Inn.  A special occasion restaurant known for their butterflied shrimp.  Reservations recommended. www.steinys.com  653 Thalia Rd.

Burtons Grill.  Food is always great.  www.burtonsgrill.com  741 First Colonial Rd. #107

Fire Brew Bar and Grill.  Unique self serve wine bar.  www.fire-brew.com   1253 Nimmo Parkway Ste 117 (in the Red Mill section).

These are just a few of our favorites.  I would love to hear what your favorite restaurants in Virginia Beach are and why.